Workforce Prosperity

We are committed to developing our people and retaining them through a fulfilling, meritocratic culture and competitive employee benefits. We invest in talent programs that train our current and future leaders internally and to improve the quality of our teams with whom our customers interact daily. Our employees embody the “5Cs” of our culture: “Challenge”, “Commit”, “Collaborate”, “Choose” and “Care”. We expect that these principles positively impact all our interactions with customers, colleagues and other counterparties.  In addition to tracking employee satisfaction, our culture surveys provide us with feedback on our employee development efforts, programs and other employer-employee dynamics.

Talent Attraction

We intend to attract, retain and develop qualified talent in the company. We have developed various strategies to secure the best talent while increasing our diversity and hiring efficiencies. In addition to offering competitive compensation packages, we provide our employees comprehensive benefits to meet their diverse needs. From healthcare to holidays, we are committed to help our employees enjoy happy and healthy lifestyles, while maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. We are proud to offer programs that support the flexibility and work-life balance of our employees, including sick leave and maternity and paternity leave. We also pay our employees overtime for atypical working hours, where eligible.

Talent Attraction

Training and Development

We invest in talent development programs to grow our leaders and continuously improve the quality of our teams – with the ultimate goal of helping our employees build careers at Element Solutions. We offer numerous online, in-person and single-day event training programs to all our employees. All employees have access to our online training platform, which offers an expansive curriculum of leadership training content including: Developing Leadership Skills, Business Ethics Essentials, Women in Leadership, Customer Service Skills and Project Management. In 2021, over 64% of our employees participated in career and skill-specific trainings and our total employee training reached 26,282 hours. In addition, we financially support employees pursuing continuing education courses, including advanced degrees as well as English as a second language (ESL) training.

We have a variety of programs across the company that facilitate mentorship and encourage networking. In 2019, we launched our “ESI High Potential (HiPo)” program, which is a leadership program for high-performing employees. The program includes training, individual development work, mentorship and networking opportunities. In 2021, we launched “The ESI Network” with the goal to provide valuable information about the company, its operations and its strategy to a company-wide group of selected professionals new to the organization. The ESI Network offers in-depth discussions with senior leaders from across the organization as well as networking opportunities.

Employee Recognition

We recognize and reward exceptional contributors through numerous programs, which we are continuing to grow and expand. Many of the nominations for our employee awards are peer-driven as we believe this approach reinforces collaboration among colleagues and fosters a high-performance culture.

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