Employee Health and Safety

Health and safety are foundational to our business. We emphasize health and safety in our everyday operations and across our organization from the most senior level of the company to the facility floor.

Managing Health and Safety

Our onsite EH&S personnel, as well as our Safety Committees are responsible for managing health and safety protocols. They regularly examine safety performance, ensure policies are followed and assess root cause for any safety observations and incidents.  Our goal is to reduce workplace incidents to zero.

Our Global Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy guides our behavior, and all sites employ a robust health and safety management system to promote a healthy and safe workplace. Our employees are trained and briefed in their respective languages on occupational health and safety principles as well as work procedures specific to their individual tasks prior to starting a new role or activity. In 2021, each operations employee participated in an average of one health and safety training each month.

Managing Health and Safety

Ensuring Effective Health and Safety Management

Our sites maintain a robust health and safety management system reinforced by regular audits from our corporate and regional EH&S teams. More than one-third of our sites have ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001) accreditation. Other sites employ different safety programs, all of which include thorough risk assessments. In addition, our global health and safety software platform enables our sites to report key health and safety information, such as incident reporting and job hazard analyses, and to monitor performance.

Measuring Health and Safety Performance

Safety performance at our facilities is supported by strong leadership by our site managers, our safety-first culture and our continuous improvement mindset. Our sites understand the importance of safety, tracking leading indicators and using safety management tools as well as root cause analysis in the event of an incident. Each site tracks several leading metrics, including the number of safety observations recorded, percentage of safety incidents and safety observations closed in a timely fashion.

Element Solutions' Idea Chest - Making Health and Safety Everyone's Responsibility

Each of our facilities has an "Idea Chest" to encourage our employees to play a proactive role in improving our facilities. The Idea Chest encourages employees to submit ideas for how we can improve safety, increase efficiency, enhance quality, and foster a better work environment.

In 2021, 1,315 ideas were submitted, of which 831 (63%) were implemented. Since inception in Q2 of 2019, 3,115 ideas were submitted and 1,723 (55%) of these ideas have been implemented.