Data Security and Privacy

For Element Solutions, information security and privacy are more than just administrative and compliance functions—they serve to protect our data and to enable our innovative work. Privacy and cyber security are necessary to safeguard our company, our business partners and our people.

We have established robust policies and procedures to manage cybersecurity defenses, controls and programs. These activities are designed to maintain the safety of our data and to uphold privacy rights.

In-Depth Defense

To protect our business against cybersecurity threats, we have developed a rigorous, multi-layered information security infrastructure to defend our data, network and employees. Overseen by our Information Security team, our infrastructure is built with multiple enforcement mechanisms that guard against simple and complex attacks.

These mechanisms include anti-malware, intrusion detection and prevention, multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention, security incident event management (SIEM), application and network layer vulnerability management, application control, advanced email security, integrity monitoring, privileged access management, among others. These protections are tested by external Penetration Testing on an ongoing basis to assure their continued effectiveness. In November of 2021, our information security management system became certified as ISO27001:2013 compliant. To view our certificate, click here.

Placing Our Colleagues at the Center of Data Security

We educate our employees about the critical role they play in data security with a comprehensive Security Awareness program. Despite any technical security mechanisms and controls that may be in place, our employees play a pivotal role for data protection. 

Cybersecuirty Training Metrics