Sustainable Chemistry

We focus significant internal efforts on improving the environmental footprints of our customers and reducing the use of hazardous chemicals in our products. We strive to ensure that our products exceed regulatory compliance requirements and international benchmarks, but also consider ways we can drive additional value for our customers by supporting their sustainability initiatives. We will continue our focus on sustainable chemistry through customer engagement, regulatory awareness and discipline in our product innovation processes.

From Idea to Sustainable Solution: How We Innovate

From Idea to Sustainable Solution: How We Innovate

Our R&D teams, in collaboration with cross-functional product marketing and regulatory teams, lead the development of our sustainable chemistry and processes. When designing new products, we consider a myriad of features and functions, including specifications requested by our customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), regulatory requirements and evolving industry standards while always aiming for best-in-class quality and safety. To complement our internal R&D, we pursue acquisitions of innovative businesses with sustainable chemistry portfolios which we believe can further our sustainability goals.

Removing Hazardous Chemicals Through Green Chemistry

Together with global OEMs and our customers who supply to them, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our workers and the safe use of our chemical solutions throughout the value chain. It is therefore paramount that we create products with fewer hazardous chemicals. Our Product Regulatory teams engage customers, identify regulatory trends and assess principles in connection with the development of each new product. We aim to provide our customers with solutions that are safe, less hazardous and that remain high-performance options for their businesses.