Product Safety and Transparency

We are committed to maintaining our strong reputation by offering products that are safe for our customers and the environment. We have various policies and guidelines designed to ensure our customers receive safe, high quality products and relevant product safety training and information. We also prioritize effective and compliant product labeling to help our customers use our products safely.

Manufacturing Safe Products

We work to ensure our products are safe throughout their life cycle. Our goal is to protect our employees, customers, communities and the environment from potential risks posed by these products and to comply with applicable laws, such as chemicals management regulations.

Product Safety Training and Labeling

We use SDS software programs to ensure compliant labeling of our products and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our software systems provide relevant and accurate data and data labels, which are customized by jurisdiction to meet local regulations. Our customers have access to a direct phone line, the SDS Consultation Line, which allows them to connect with our specialists on various regulatory matters.

Our product safety protocols promote product safety by:

  • Ensuring a proactive R&D approach to anticipated regulatory development
  • Ensuring safe storage and handling of our products by providing accurate hazard classifications in our SDSs and on product labels for our products
  • Educating our customers about how regulations impact product usage, storage and handling
  • Updating customers with respect to any change of formulations, initiated by us or our suppliers

While detailed and accurate labeling is a critical step to ensure safe handling of our products, we do not stop there. To reinforce the safe handling of our products, we also provide a significant amount of training to our customers and OEMs. This training takes various formats, including on-site with our technical services resources, online or in a classroom setting.